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Real Estate Debt Cycles, 2017


The series entitled ‘Real Estate Debt Cycles’ Credit Cycles is a photomontage concept series by the Jade Pine Collective which offers a response to the proliferation of cheap debt which has become available over the years following the Great Financial Crisis as a result of the prevailing low interest rate environment.


Collages of commercial buildings spread across the City of London carrying substantial debt as a result of highly leveraged purchases form the visual centerpiece of the work, while the embedded soundtrack attempts to fabricate a mesh merging the space between the collages.


The audio and video tracks are to be viewed as a holistic product, as the order of the images and the transitions in the music seek to produce a narrative. The aim of the work is not to criticize the general use of debt in commercial transactions, but to document the relationship between the City’s architecture and real estate fund managers’ sentient use of bespoke, and sometimes high-risk, financing arrangements.

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