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You Can Be the Judge, 2016


The project entitled ‘You Can Be The Judge’, aims to give reference to the psychological and social issues that arise as a result of the existence of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination within contemporary society. The artist has deliberately used emotionless subjects in front of a neutral background in an attempt to strip their identity bare. Below each identical image contains different nationalities (the 28 members of the European Union), forcing the viewer into an active dialogue as they attach multiple different identities to the same subject. The project aims to raise questions about stereotypes, prejudice and whether judging other people and placing stereotypical personalities on different subjects becomes a reflection of the subject or oneself. ‘You Can Be The Judge’ also raises questions regarding the fundamental issues around photographic portraiture and constructed identity, such as whether a photograph is or is not able to reveal the true identity of an individual.

Subject No.1 (2016)

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