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Moon Paintings, 2018

The series entitled Moon Paintings utilises the moon as both subject and active participant in the process of creating photographic abstractions. Taken in the presence of a full moon phase, the artworks represent the deliberate alteration of a natural scene; removing the subject’s inherent context from the viewer. Unlike conventional photography where the camera is typically motionless, the artist uses the medium as a mobile light recording device to capture the moon’s luminosity.

Moon Paintings are created by leaving the night sky exposed long enough to utilise the subject as a tool with which to generate abstract compositions. Line is dictated by altering shutter speed and aperture, whilst expressionist movement is used to create loose, freely applied brushstrokes during what the artist uniquely refers to as a ‘moon dance’. Adjusting focus while exposing the night sky has allowed Papet to build atmospheric perspective and depth into the compositions, giving the illusion of an ethereal three-dimensional space.

Bridging the gap between photography and abstract expressionist painting, these ‘action photographs’ attempt to place themselves in between the physical and spiritual world.

A departure from the artist’s conventional focus on political discourse, Papet uses this latest series to highlight subjects within our surroundings, such as the moon, which are free from social tensions and undoubtedly ours to share. The photographs are ethereal, spiritual and tranquil; inviting the viewer into a meditative space. Moon Paintings explores themes such as belonging, existence and our constant desire to alter, change and manipulate that which cannot typically be controlled.


IMG_6495, (2018)

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