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'Talent + Effort = Skill', blog #13

After reading Angela Duckworth's book on Grit, there was one particular graph that appeared to stick out the most for me.

Reading the book was an eye opener for me to say the least. I realised that my mindset, strategies and application to learning simply just weren't up to scratch. Because I never really paid too much attention to the process of learning in school, I realised I have much to learn. I had previously relied on IQ, assistance from others, or acceptance of failure through lack of application. I'm delighted art is helping me do overcome all of this.

The incredible thing about creativity and art making, is that you never anticipate the boundless improvements to your personal character that it will provide you with. I'm learning things about myself that I simply wouldn't have not discovered had I not embarked on this journey.

I mentioned previously, that sitting down and doing the work on a consistent basis, with the right amount of focus was difficult enough. Creative art making requires you often to be in two contradictory places at once: an immense, open minded attitude coupled with intense rigorous focus and discipline.

I had been growingly frustrated that my efforts of past had not bared enough fruit in the way of visible progress and completion of projects.

I wanted to use this year to improve on my focus and discipline, but primarily to develop my purposeful practice during my 'studio sessions' that would allow me to have progress visible to show at the end of it all.

To do this, I was going to adhere to Angela Duckworth's simple equation that explains how you get from talent to achievement:

1.Talent + Effort = Skill

2. Skill + Effort = Achievement

Talent is how quickly your skills improve when you invest effort.

Achievement is what happens when you take your acquired skills and use them.

Yesterday, something amazing happened that inspired me to write this blog. There was a photo in my phone of the graph above. Right after it was my first attempted figurine. I was blown away...suddenly this equation all made sense!

First figurine:

Recent figurine:

I'm happy to say, reaching the end of my first project of the year - that I've truly discovered belief in my own talents and strong willed 'effort' were the key components I was missing.

Here's a link to Angela's Video too:

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