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blog #9 -Learning to Love Unresolved Ideas (Advice from Damien Hirst)

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Yesterday I was listening, once more, to an interview of Damien Hirst by art critic Rachel Campbell Johnston. They were discussing his artwork 'A Thousand Years' amongst some other installations he was showing at the Gagosian as a response to triptychs made by Francis Bacon.

It's interesting how you pick up different parts of subject matter when at different stages or times in your life. It's almost like the filter by which you receive things constantly gets altered irregardless of whether you end up viewing, reading, listening or looking at the same thing.

I think all great artworks have this quality. The ability to present something new each time you look at them.

There was a quote from Damien Hirst that stood out for me at this particular stage of mine (formulating the skills and initial ideas I've recently learnt and turning them into a series that reflects my creative values).

'...the things that aren't resolved are more exciting than the artworks that are already done.'

He's so right - although idea generation, writers block and the war of art can be daunting; it's this unresolved, mysterious process of any creative endeavour that one must learn to enjoy and embrace passionately.

It's what keeps great artists forever engaged in their practice. It's where they learn about themselves.

Link to the Youtube interview:

There's also cool stuff in there about his process, the nature of conceptual art and his early influences. Give it a watch!

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